Overgrown Grass Clearance

Has your lawn got away from you and is unmanageable. With our busy modern lifestyle we often just don't have the time to spend on the routine work around home and before you know it your once neat lawn is a jungle.

Does your lawn look like this?. Do you need some professional help?


Overgrown lawn

Thankfully not all our lawns get to this stage but we know how hard they can be to get back online. At AHGS we specialise in assisting home owners with overgrown grass removal. Overgrown lawns detract from the amenity of the neighbourhood and cause complaints as well as providing ideal homes for rats, mice and snakes

Let us help you get your lawn back to the way it was. We will do all the hard work while you can spend your valuable time doing the more important things in life.


For a free estimation call us on 0431103114 or lodge an online request via the Request Estimate tab. We guarantee it will be the best move you make today. Charges apply for removal and dumping of excess grass.


Thankyou for your efforts yesterday. It was a pleasure last night to come home to a tidy front yard and now that my husband is a diabetic and cannot do as much around the garden it was very much appreciated.
Geraldine - Salisbury North

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