Payments can be made by either Cash , EFT or PayPal.  EFT is our preferred method of payment. We do not accept cheques as a method of payment. Invoices can be sent via email or post.  

Please note that all payments are required by the pay by date on the invoice. Late payments may attract late payment fees and cancellation of ongoing services.  Payment defaulters will be sent to our debt recovery agency for follow up.

For EFT payment please use details and terms that are contained on the invoice. For PayPal payment please fill in your invoice number and name in the fields below before clicking on the Pay Now button. 

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Thankyou for your efforts yesterday. It was a pleasure last night to come home to a tidy front yard and now that my husband is a diabetic and cannot do as much around the garden it was very much appreciated.
Geraldine - Salisbury North

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