Do you provide free quotes

For most jobs yes we do however if it is a large quote there may be a quotation fee to cover our time in preparing the quote.

What prices do you charge

Our prices vary and we will arrange with you to visit your property to gain an understanding of the work required.  After we have done this we will provide a no obligation quotation for the required work. 

Can you invoice me

Yes. We can invoice your either by email or post.

Can I get a quote over the phone

No. There are too many variables that may impact on the time taken to do the job. That is why we ask to visit your property to provide the quote.

What are your payment options

Cash, EFT, Money Order, Cheque or Online Payment via our website. Please note that we charge a $5 handling fee on all cheques.

What are your payment terms

Invoices are payable within 14 days of generation. Late fees apply for late payment unless prior arrangement is made. Debt recovery action will be taken with payment defaulters and recovery fees charged.

I only want my lawn mowed every 6 months. Will you do that

Probably not. We are a professional lawn mowing company and take pride in our work. If you leave your lawn for that long between visits it will be a considerable job and more costly for you. We suggest regular mowing at 2 to 3 weekly intervals all year round. We will determine what is best for your type of lawn and the seasonal conditions and advise you accordingly.  We will only mow the lawn if it needs it.

Do you provide other gardening services

Yes. We have a range of comprehensive services. We actually prefer the provide a full gardening service to your property. Visit our Services page for more information

Can I alter my visits

Yes you can by arrangement. We place you on  regular schedule and if this is altered we will have to bring you back in line with this schedule shortly after the alteration. This may mean a shorter or longer time between your next visit. You can also arrange for a special one off visit outside your normal schedule.

What areas do you cover

This depends on the type of work and the size of the job. Please refer to our Service Areas page here for more information or give us a call.

I only want a one off service

Thats's not a problem. We provide one off services as well as ongoing services. We may however require an up front payment prior to commencing the job.

Do I need to be there when the job is done

No. As long as we can get unrestricted access to the work area we don't need you in attendance. However if you own a dog we prefer that you contain them elsewhere on the property if you can.

Do I need to pick up my dogs poo

Yes. We don't do this and it is your responsibility to ensure the lawn is clean of dog faeces. For small amounts we may remove it but we will charge extra. If there are large amounts present we will not continue with the job due to OHS reasons

What about other obstacles on the lawn

We ask that you keep the lawn clear of obstacles such as toys and vehicles on the day we are attending. If it can be moved safely we may do so but we will charge extra. If it cannot be removed it we may mow around it or discontinue the visit if it is unsafe.

What if you break a window or damage something else

If it is our fault we will rectify it. However we do not take responsibility for damage caused by objects within the lawn such as rocks, toys, pieces of mulch, tools etc, that may become a missile hazard. We are fully insured with a $20 million public liability coverage. On each visit we record any damage to the property prior to starting the job.

Will you take the grass away

Yes we will however we will charge for our time to do so and the cost of disposing of it at the dump. If you have a green waste bin we would prefer to use that. 

Do you do anything other than lawn mowing and gardening

Yes we do have a lot more services. Please visit our Services page for more information. If you have a specific task in mind ask us. We will either do it for you or put you in touch with someone who can.

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Thanks the garden looks great.  I have made a payment through your website.


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